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Yvette has a penchant for pandas, pizza, and Doctor Who. She finds happiness in the pages of fantasy and picture-books and refuses to grow up. Her guilty pleasures are memoirs and true crime stories – because people really are fascinating. She can be found in Christchurch, NZ fighting a paper-war by day. Her nights are spent annoying her husband with talk of wanting to ride luck dragons dressed as a ninja while foisting books upon him.

Reviews by Yvette Cooke:

This social justice eye-opener was a deep dive into emotion, stoking the fire in my belly to learn more, work harder, and be a better ally.
“If you allow identity to be determined by what appears to be likeness in the eyes of others you will lose a great deal.”
Faith and love are the two most powerful constructs in the world. Sometimes they both inspire and terrify me.
Time travel, mental health, and mystery were more than I expected in this superb, surprisingly philosophical sci-fi. I was riveted.
"For every woman who has ever been called 'bossy' or 'stroppy.'” Well that’s me in a nutshell.
In her memoir, Celeste Barber makes the everyday fantastical and the fantastical everyday.