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Amy Lewis

Just south of Raglan, New Zealand, Amy lives in a bus and measures her life’s success by the amount of time she has to read and number of plants she grows from seed. She loves to write, eat, do yoga, read poetry and be in the trees or sea.

Reviews by Amy Lewis:

An engaging debut novel by Israeli author Keren Landsman, exploring the magic of empathy and its ability to heal, hold, and alter relationships.
This is a spell-binding potion of botany, witchcraft, and women realizing their potential. It’s Greek mythology retold with striking relevance.
It’s a tense read, set in an imaginative, sensuous version of our world, in which an unlikely heroine changes her destiny.
These zines have an intimate, handmade feel. They’re a visceral dive into the lives of two writers, a dancer, a pioneer, a cosmologist and a ghost.
What isn’t there to like about a book whose protagonist was mysteriously born with wings? It’s a tale of magical realism, full of lingering heartbreak.
A spell binding blur, a love-story, a confession and a statement, this poetry collection offers something raw and honest.
It’s a dazzlingly, vivid adventure. As the pages turned, it was really hard to tell what was illusion and what was reality and it kept me guessing right to the end.
A tangle of story about love, aging, time and art in a landscape of rising UK borders and division amongst people.
The Victoria Sponge of books - a light and simple, yet delicious treat, iced by a witty Kiwi
An anthology of ingenious observations, reflections and messages to the modern human, from a delightful and defiant poet.