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Jack Gabriel

Jack Gabriel is an English teacher and writer currently in an unhealthy relationship with procrastination. He loves good games, bad movies, dad jokes and anything to do with monsters. Jack lives in Auckland with his wife and two cats, dividing his free time between writing, reading and drinking too much coffee.

Reviews by Jack Gabriel:

Author Maria Dahvana Headley appreciates the power of narratives in their ability to explore us, and I felt myself nodding with recognition as those truths were explored in this aggressive, beautiful book.
These party goers are all the more irresistible for their terrible flaws. It’s a night for dark deeds and ridiculous hilarity.
This fantasy horror is flawed but beautiful. It’s unsure of what it wants to be, yet it’s a thoughtful, creepy adventure well worth watching.
It could have been the disaster many expected, but Ghost in the Shell is a self-aware adaptation that manages to straddle the needs of hardcore fans and new converts alike.
In this comedic vigilante quest for justice, there are no cookie-cutter characters. The bad guys are vulnerable and the powerful are impotent.