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Ian Brown

Meet Ian, a book buyer at Auckland’s Time Out Bookstore who always has his nose in the latest strange and wondrous books. When he’s not floating around the shop handing out recommendations, he can be found playing in his party punk band Dad Jokes. Although originally from Canada, now he spends most of his time in Auckland, New Zealand.

Reviews by Ian Brown:

It's a multimillion dollar international industry. One filled with farmers, CEOs, and even gangsters.
Kate Beaton's comics span from history, superheroes, literature, you name it. I’m all over it like ketchup on, well, everything.
An intriguing look into gender and race in the last days of the American west.
Perhaps everyone is only one bad day from joining a cult. We’re all looking for love. Unfortunately, there are those who look for it in the wrong places.
The Sport of Kings is a thing of beauty. Like a racehorse, it’s graceful, but underneath the shining coat waits a raw, violent, power.
This book is not for the faint of heart. “Awesome” in its original definition is suiting - something that creates a sense of awe.
Oyeyemi is able to make something so new and different feel so old and familiar at the same time. After finishing this collection, I want more.
There is one of the best pieces of foreshadowing near the beginning of the book that I have ever read. When I realised it, I thought “holy crap, that's great”.