Find your perfect audience

Our innovative matchmaker generates personalized recommendations based on audiences’ mood, interests, and identity.

We connect your audience with your book at the perfect time - the moment it hits the shelves.  And we’ll continue to engage your audience through its lifecycle.

How does it work?

Our matchmaker talks with audiences in a new way by collecting what we call “active data” through direct user engagement. We invite users to share information about themselves with us via carefully crafted questions that fully capture their taste and demographic profile. This unique pipeline for data acquisition is unlike any major recommendation engine operating today.

We assign each book a taste profile and plug this data into our matchmaker. Our engine then features books with their perfect audience with bullseye accuracy.

What content do we accept?

We showcase books by or about women and gender-diverse authors, and leading protagonists. Our audiences are specifically seeking this content, thereby making them a highly engaged audience.

The audience revolution

In this era of disruption, it should come as no surprise that audiences are changing. They want to see themselves represented on the page, and they're willing to pay for that experience. Diverse audiences get out to support diverse content. 

Two-thirds of all books are purchased by women, yet only 37% of all fiction and narrative non-fiction is written by women, and only 16% of major book award winners feature women protagonists. 

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