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Twinsters is like poprocks: sweet, delicious, and surprising

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SPOILER ALERT:  This review gives details of the movie that were hard to avoid while discussing the film!

Twinsters was the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon happy cry I didn’t even realize I needed.  It’s the documentary equivalent of Poprocks: sweet, delicious, and surprising.

Watching it I laughed, I cried and I snuggled my body pillow just a little bit longer, the latter of which my roommates will confirm is a much-needed rarity for me.

Oh the serendipity of social media. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve reconnected with elementary school friends, learned about my distant cousin’s cat, and discovered some blackmail worthy high school photos. For Sam Futerman and Anais Bordier, the serendipity of social media meant that they got to discover they were long lost twins separated at birth, across the pond of the Atlantic Ocean and the continental US.  

After learning of her sister, Sam says, “When god closes a door, he opens a window.” She then opens a window into the importance of sibling relationships. Growing up with two brothers, Sam is the much more extroverted twin. Anais, who grew up an only child, rates much higher in moodiness and describes her childhood as lonely, boring, and missing something. It’s an interesting meditation on the diverse experiences of childhood and how those experiences influence personality.

The whole nature vs. nurture discovery process reminded me of the importance of family, and how that ‘label’ is very much self defined. I would consider many of my friends and roommates family. And I have some relatives who I would like to pretend inhabit a completely different planet.

This French American Seoul (get it? “Soul / Seoul”… oh how I love puns…) filled loved story comes full circle and traverses the globe as the two girls then journey to where their story begins. That adventure was one of the more moving parts of the film.  It caused tears to flood my eyes.

The emotion and emoticon filled documentary, is a delightful, moving reminder that family is what you make it, and that thanks to technology we can go beyond facebook poking, to literally reaching out and poking people in real life. At one point, Sam questions if it is crazy to unconditionally love someone you’ve never met. If so, I’m definitely crazy for falling in love with Sam and Anais and their journey of twin discovery.

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