Us: A scrappy start-up looking to literally change the world.

You: A bookworm or movie-buff looking for a one-of-a-kind, personalized list of women-driven stories you’ll love.

Sound like a good match? We like to think so! Which is why we at Narrative Muse are working on a super-duper new and exciting book-and-movie online matchmaker

We figure, hey, we’re obsessed with brilliant women storytellers, wicked writing, and brain-sploding films. And there’s lots of folks out there who want to find brilliant women storytellers, wicked writing, and brain-sploding films like us.

So now we’d like to discover everything about a wide group of people’s book and movie taste. Which is where you come in!

You won’t get book and movie matches JUST YET, but you will learn about what you seek out and what you avoid when looking for content. It’s super interesting since our tastes evolve and change depending on where we are in our lives.

Can we do it? Will it be awesome? These are literally the questions we want to answer. So whatdya say?  Did we mention that you’ll be in the draw to win a $150 Amazon voucher?!


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