Book lovers and movie buffs around the world have told us they’re looking for one thing: amazing stories by and about women and genderqueer people. They’re tired of the same old stuff, the same white guy characters, the same rehashed plots. There’s so much more out there, but it can be hard to find.

So here we are! <trumpet intro> Narrative Muse!

Search our catalog and check out our reviews to find stories by top-notch women and non-binary screenwriters, authors and directors and the best books and movies that feature women and non-binary characters. We’ve got tales that touch your heart, narratives that stretch your brain, characters that crack you up, a whole library of stories that get you.

And when you find your next book or movie, just click “watch it” or “read it” to get it. Simple. As. That.

Welcome to Narrative Muse. We think you’ll like it here.

The neighborhood Musers



Say hi to Brough. She’s the original Narrative Muse instigator. She asks “why?” a lot and loves to get to the bottom of things. Once a film and TV editor, she’s now taking on the world with her vision to make sure women storytellers get their share of the spotlight. Originally from the US, Brough now lives in Auckland, New Zealand.



Meet Teresa, co-founder and human voice of Narrative Muse. When she’s not using her brain cells for marketing and communications, she’s binge watching tv and screenwriting buddy-road-trip-comedy movies. Thanks to her grandmother, her favorite book and movie are both To Kill a Mockingbird. Teresa is among the hoards of Americans who now call Wellington, New Zealand home.

JessMeet Jess, Narrative Muse’s web content manager. An analytical chemist and actress by trade, Jess likes to do things accurately and artistically. She is insatiably curious and is always trying something new, be it a crochet pattern, a new career or going on a solo adventure. Originally from Colorado, Jess now calls Wellington, New Zealand home.


Jules recently moved to Toronto from New Zealand to see how the other side of the world lives – apparently it is not that different. She is the social media guru and a film reviewer for Narrative Muse and gets beyond excited about anything muse-worthy. She can also connect any actress or actor to Meryl Streep in 6 degrees of separation – that’s a lot harder than you think.


Ella’s a writer/editor for Narrative Muse based in Toronto. Raised near Salem MA, known for its 17th century witch trials (it’s always Halloween there), she grew up with a love for history and all things fantastical – from classic fairytales to comic superhero/villain action (please, please never mention Suicide Squad). Her favorite films are by Studio Ghibli and her ultimate dream is to write a story deemed animation-worthy by Miyazaki himself.


Keren is a product developer assistant for Narrative Muse. She’s currently studying English and New Media Studies with a minor in Cinematic Arts at AUT. She’s a loud introvert who loves eating chocolates and ice cream. When she’s not napping or daydreaming, she likes to paint, read or binge watch short films and documentaries. She currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.



Lauren helps Narrative Muse on the money and business side of things. As a girl, her favorite movie was Mulan (let’s be honest… that’s still one of her favorite movies), and she’s excited to see Narrative Muse promote more badass heroines for girls and women. Lauren loves learning languages, running by the ocean, and eating kumara fries, and she is always happy to talk about social justice, systems thinking, and companies with purpose.

Purnesh, our data engineer at Narrative Muse has a profound love for application of scientific principles to real life(don’t worry, we don’t fully understand it either). He basically makes his computer do, whatever he doesn’t want to do. Apart from training models, programming and visualizing data, he is busy in exploration of New Zealand with his camera, which he finds to be quite different from India, his native country.

Aorthi is a junior engineer at Narrative Muse. She’s currently studying Engineering at the University of Auckland and has a deep love of Harry Potter, desserts and the theatre (musicals in particular). During the summer, you can usually find her on the beach swimming, exploring or reading in the sun. During the rest of the year, you’ll find her watching Netflix in bed. Her life goal is to bake a hundred different types of desserts and to finally master all the lyrics to Hamilton the Musical.




Debbie reviews films & books for Narrative Muse as part of her freelance hustle in Brooklyn, New York. She loves film critique, creativity, advocating for kindness, Mexican food, yoga, GIFs, getting rush tickets for Broadway shows, and reading on the Subway.


IanMeet Ian, a book buyer at Auckland’s Time Out Bookstore who always has his nose in the latest strange and wondrous books. When he’s not floating around the shop handing out recommendations, he can be found playing in his party punk band Dad Jokes. Although originally from Canada, now he spends most of his time in Auckland, New Zealand.



This is A.C.!  She’s an unofficial member of geekdom and loves board games, tabletop games, video games, mind games… just kidding.  Or are we?  A.C. has written a novel and a half and is hoping to be published this year, as the habit of writing is growing harder to shake.  She lives in Interlaken, which is in rural upstate New York.  Her heroes are Captain Kathryn Janeway and her cat, Fiddle.



Meet Micah.  She loves tea, travel, and history. When she’s not telling you about her favorite films and books, she’s acting, writing, and working on community projects in the hopes of empowering the voiceless and challenging them to change the world for the better. Originally from Virginia, Micah now lives in London, England.



This is Maiko. She’s liked books since forever, which is how she ended up working in publishing. Her favorite author is now, and forever will be, Tamora Pierce (and not only because Prince Jonathan was her first book crush). She’ll read anything (unless it’s Austen) and especially loves folklore and myth. Her current addictions are radio-drama podcasts, movies starring Domhnall Gleeson and going for extravagantly long walks. She’s based in London and currently works for Hachette.

SamMeet Sam, he writes about wine by day and drinks it with the perfect movie pairing by night. He spent time freelancing on sets and made some short films – they were all about inanimate objects eating people. Hailing originally from the United States, he has spent most of his life in New Zealand, though has never shaken a blandly foreign accent. His life choices were all validated the night he saw Werner Herzog describe Nicolas Cage as the greatest human being alive.

ClaireClaire is a composer of music for concert, film and television. She’s head of Auckland’s biggest band of musical hooligans- The Blackbird Ensemble. Her interests in the arts are broad and she likes to have her curious fingers in many pies at once. When she’s not writing music or words, or continuing her search for the best burger and poutine in town, you’ll find her whizzing by you on her bright orange electric bike, Tangerine.

ErnestErnest is an actor/ stand-up comedian/ writer/ stage manager from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a BAC from Bowling Green State University. Ernest is passionate about the arts such as film, theatre, music, comedy and literature. He loves sports, especially basketball. Another passion of his is food (as should be everyone’s). So if you can cook, invite him round and he’ll come over. He currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

JennSay salut to Jenn. Dubbed Ms. MacGyver by her friends for her love of technology, problem solving, and travel. Jenn is a professional storyteller and sometimes kitten herder on a mission to unite science, social justice, and occasional purr fests. In her spare time she enjoys pretending to speak french and filming satirical youtube videos. During the rare times when she is not living out of a suitcase, Jenn considers the US her home. She currently lives in New York.

JennaThis is Jenna. She manages the  New Zealand Time Out Bookstore (winner of the Bookseller of the Year at NZ Book Industry Awards 2016). She also is a freelance photographer with a BFA from the Dunedin School of Fine Art. Jenna lives in Auckland, NZ but will always call Dunedin home.



Jack Gabriel is an English teacher and writer currently in an unhealthy relationship with procrastination. He loves good games, bad movies, dad jokes and anything to do with monsters. Jack lives in Auckland with his wife and two cats, dividing his free time between writing, reading and drinking too much coffee.


Whitney’s a passionate high school English teacher and one of the few extroverts in existence who would rather be at home reading right now. She spent her childhood in Bangladesh but now she lives in a big ol’ house in Auckland filled with flatmates, cups of tea, and mismatched couches

Laura is a Promiscuous Reader and Book Club Slut who spends her time biking around looking for sidewalk cats and browsing bookstalls. She is obsessed with Donna Tartt and drinks her coffee black. Originally from Aotearoa New Zealand, she lives in Cambridge UK.

Jack Holloway studies Karl Barth and Marxist Theory at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. While he spends most of his time engaging heady texts for his thesis, he likes to read across genres, and he is a movie-lover, with a particular affinity for old, indie, and foreign films. Beyond movies and books, you could talk to Jack about the year’s best music, different kinds of beer, or even baking!

Meet Melissa. She’s a recent Los Angeles transplant from New York City. She’ll charm you with sloppy musings about random ideas when she’s had enough alcohol; otherwise, she’ll force you into friendship with fierce intimidation and/or whining. She makes a living through the magical medium of video. She’s a hard core geek who spends more time inside fiction than reality. Ask about her Star Wars wedding and we’ll throw in more pictures than you can stomach!

Sarah says kia ora! After finishing her BA, Sarah trained as a journalist at AUT. For work she teaches teenagers English and Media Studies, but she also likes to watch sci-fi and geek out. When she’s not busy being political, her hobbies include biking, baking and taking baths. Sarah is a Kiwi, and currently lives in Switzerland.

Alana is a lover of poetry, peanut butter and punctuation (oh, and alliteration). She joined Narrative Muse because getting to read and watch empowering books and movies is hard work, but someone’s got to do it. She spent most of her childhood traveling in Europe and Asia because her parents were travel-crazed, but now she calls New Zealand home. 

Hanna writes stories for video games. She’s a fantasy geek, a story consultant and the occasional accidental author of non-fiction – including reviews for Narrative Muse. She likes traveling, baking, writing (a lot), making music, drinking tea, staying in and playing board games.



Just south of Raglan, New Zealand, Amy lives in a bus and measures her life’s success by the amount of time she has to read and number of plants she grows from seed. She loves to write, eat, do yoga, read poetry and be in the trees or sea.



Sam is a web developer for Narrative Muse. Originally from Indonesia, she has bounced from city to city across the globe (Berlin, New York, Beijing…) before finally deciding to call Auckland home.  She loves binge-watching TV, geeking out over good design, and cats. So many cats



Camilla is a twenty-five year old creative and professional writer. With a BA in English, a knack for succinct storytelling and an eye towards an MFA in screenwriting, her prose leans towards transparent and taboo. Apart from blogging new experiences on WordPress, she can be found dancing, practicing her British accent and reviewing food, film and literature.


Meet Madison, a reviewer for Narrative Muse,  currently in exile on Australia’s Gold Coast. She mostly spends her time wandering around out in the sun and wondering what to do with her BFA. She has a passion for all things lyrical and lonely, like films directed by Sophia Coppola and Jane Campion, and books by Patti Smith, Ali Smith and Mary Gaitskill.

Amy, also known as Blinky, is a painter and a librarian, who also dabbles in printmaking and film editing projects.   When doing reviews for NM, Amy combines her interests in the visual arts, intersectionality and accessibility.  Picnic adventures and hiking through the NZ bush are also up there on her life loves, alongside good yarns and a game of Canasta…   Vino!

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